this is where your description goes
lol I love this theme, I had it not too long ago, so enjoy~okok


Read the whole thing just to make sure your this theme will work

Guys make sure you see this before you install this theme

The title is what goes in the Sidebar

The Description goes in the About bubble on the side

The Background is the Background color

Text is the text color

Link Box is what you want the color of the links to be

Hover is the color links turn to when you hover on them

The scroll bar is the color of the scroll

Gradient=2 color background, there’s 2 for each color

if there’s a check mark on the show photo, it’ll show your sidebar picture, if there’s not it won’t
If there’s a check on the Gradient background, your blog’s background will have 2 colors but if it’s not checked then your blog’s background will be the image you upload for background or the color you picked for background
On the stats you have to put a <br> after every code so there’s a space between them
This part is very important, if you don’t do it right, the theme will look bad and it won’t work:
On the ask url you put your url but without
just your name, notice for this theme, it only says irenetheme7 for the ask url
You put your music player code where it says musicplayer
Then there’s custom links

ok you’re done with the tutorial and now you may get the most out of this theme
here’s the code :)



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